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Property Revolution Roofing & Decks provides the necessary assistance required with roof storm damage repair in Kalamazoo, MI. There are many types of storms out there that can wreak havoc on your roof. High winds can blow off roofing materials while heavy rain can cause water damages and leaks. In order to get your roof back into stable condition, our team of certified and trained experts is here to provide you with the repairs necessary to stabilize and strengthen property conditions. Give us a call at 616-315-2777 to get started.

Roof Inspections

Roof inspections are essential to have conducted after a storm has passed your property. Oftentimes, there will be places hidden from the naked eye that only a professional roofer will know where to look. Essentially, vulnerable areas of your roof and connections will be inspected for cracks, leaks, perforations, and more. In order for the proper course of action to be taken with your roofing system, a roof inspection is necessary. Not only that, when the time comes to make a roof damage insurance claim, this supportive document will back up any claim you have for getting roof repair costs covered.

Roof Damage Insurance Claims

With roofing damages, filing a claim with your insurance company is highly recommended. With storms, in particular, you’re more likely to get coverage as it is considered an unpreventable circumstance or “Act of God.” This means that damages were made beyond your control or neglect of standard homeownership responsibilities of maintaining your roof in healthy condition. Our team is available to help make your roof damage insurance claim for your convenience so that you may have a smoother process of getting repairs covered. Learn more about the steps necessary to file a claim by contacting our team soon.

Emergency Roof Repair

The thing with roof damages and even storms is that they can happen at any time without regard to your schedule. That’s why our roofing company has provided the benefit of 24/7 emergency roof repairs so that you can get your roof checked out at any time day or night. Our phone lines are open 24/7 with a trained roofer scheduled out to your property as soon as possible. This kind of service is very convenient as it will allow for damages to remaining as they are without spreading to other areas of the roof and causing further damage.

Roof Leak Repair

Roof leaks are a big roofing concern that isn’t to be taken lightly. They are often caused after fallen objects or wind-blown debris have impacted your roof. What’s more, already worn materials can be more susceptible to damages over time and the next storm can influence it enough to allow a leak to go through. The issue with roof leaks is that they can trickle down to exposed beams or even to other areas of your property damaging walls, ceilings, appliances, personal property, and more. Water damages, in turn, will cost more to fix and in total can be a headache to deal with if not dealt with promptly. Our team will find the source of the leaks and make the necessary roof repairs so that you can halt the progression of water damages.

Contact our team of trained and certified roofers when you’re experiencing problems with your roof after a storm. We provide reliable roof storm damage repair in Kalamazoo, MI that will get your property back into stable conditions.

Repair Policy and Pricing

Our roof repair policy is as follows for small repairs:

The initial service call fee is $350 for the first man hour (30 minutes for 2 guys) plus $65 per man hour after that. The initial fee covers drive time and basic material–including up to one bundle of shingles, caulk, and a roof boot if needed. If the repair will be more than 3 additional man hours or requires a significant amount of material, the repair tech must communicate that to the customer. Man hours will be charged for retrieving materials if additional material is needed. If the customer provides photos ahead of time we can be more efficient with our time. The more detail a customer provides the better. Man hours will be charged for retrieving materials if additional material is needed.

For all large repairs or replacement projects, please contact us for a free estimate.

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Property Revolution Roofing & Decks is your reliable resource for professional roof storm damage repair in Kalamazoo, MI. With years of experience under our belt, we’ve seen it all when it comes to storm damages. We’re here to answer any questions or concerns you have regarding your roofing system. We’ll guide you through the steps needed to get your roof covered and get your roof back into shape in no time. Call our team at 616-315-2777 to get started.